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spy adventure novel, SNIPER's EYES


Sniper's Eyes

by J.T. Riebling - Hardcover $24.95 plus $4.00 S&H

"...a rollicking feast of guns, gear, and 'black ops intrigue in the tradition of Tom Clancy, set against a sobering backdrop of high-tech bioterrorism. A fictional future that may become only too real."
-- Ed Siemon, Firearms Journalist

"Sniper's Eyes is the perfect modern thriller...well told, graphic sex and violence...politics, some of it joyfully incorrect...you might even learn something."
-- John Barsness, author of The Life of The Hunt



5 POSTERS in a mailing tube: $25

UC cover art POSTERS

These 16" x 24" full color posters were part of the original ad campaign back when UC was first released. We have quite a few of them left but when they are gone there won't be any more. $25 for 5, S&H included. Also, a fresh dust jacket for a hardcover UC can be included free, IF you ask (while supplies last).

Liberty and Public Policy

philosophy, NATION of COWARDS

Quantity Softcover:

Nation of Cowards

Essays on the Ethics of Gun Control

"At its core, Nation of Cowards is a very personal book about you. After you read it, you will never think about yourself in quite the same way again. That's a guarantee."
-- Dr. Joanne Eisen and Dr. Paul Gallant, Gun Week and Gun News Digest

Liberty and Public Policy

policy, Drug War Addiction


Drug War Addiction

by Sheriff Bill Masters - Softcover $10.95 plus $2.00 S&H

Sheriff Bill Masters fought the "Drug War." He was good at it. He even won an award from the Drug Enforcement Agency. In this book, he explains why we need to kick our nation's drug war addiction.

"An early pioneer...Bill has let the genie out of the bottle...
He has an awful lot of courage for stating this...
If you have a drug problem you should go to the doctor, not to jail."
-- Sheriff Bob Braudis, Pitkin County, Colorado

Liberty and Public Policy

policy, New Prohibition


The New Prohibition

Forward by Governor Jesse Ventura

Limited time! Buy one and get a copy of Drug War Addiction FREE for just asking when you order.
"Prohibition failed once... now it is failing us again. Provocative essays from peace officers, public officials, scholars, and policy experts analyze our drug laws -- and find they have failed us. Today's war on drugs funds terrorists, undermines justice, corrupts business, and destroys people's lives. Edited by Sheriff Bill Masters, these collected essays -- these voices of dissent -- challenge the core assumptions of what one author calls 'our domestic Vietnam,' the new prohibition of drugs."

Education and Reference

Klein CCW Handbook

$1 mailing charge

Klein's CCW Handbook

by Chuck Klein - booklet, $7.95 plus $1 S&H

A useful handbook full of practical suggestions to help those who would carry lethal force to survive in today's litigious society.

Chuck Klein is the Firearms Editor for PI Magazine and a Contributing Editor for Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement.

Many instructors give this valuable handbook to all of their students! Call us for bulk pricing. One such class is stlccw.com

An interview with author Chuck Klein:
"When is the Right Time to Shoot in Self-Defense?"

Education and Reference

97th Congress 2nd Amendment Report


Right To Keep and Bear Arms

Report of the Subcommittee on the Constitution
of the committee on the JudiciaryUnited States Senate,
97th Congress, Second Session February, 1982 - paper, $8.00 plus $3.00 S&H

This report is a matter of public record and no law is violated to reproduce or sell it. It USED to be available from the U.S. Government Printing Office. These copies are from a small batch of privately produced reproductions that Accurate Press acquired from another company some years ago.

They were made from a photocopy of the U.S. Senate's file copy. Some parts are a little blurry and the pages are slightly yellowed at the edges.

Every word, though, is readable. We have a few of these left and when they're gone. We have no plans to reproduce it.

Education and Reference

Principles of Personal Defense


Principles of Personal Defense

by Jeff Cooper
Foreward by Louis Awerbuck, paper, $14.00 plus $3.00 S&H

This new edition of Cooper's classic Principles of Personal Defense - with a fitting tribute by firearms expert Louis Awerbuck and all-new drawings by renowned illustrator Paul Kirchner - presents his timeless theory of individual defensive behavior clearly, concisely and practically. All free people who aspire to stay that way should read, study and share the wisdom found within these pages. Considered by many to be one of the greatest books on combat mindset and proper defensive mental conditioning ever written, it deserves a place of honor in every library. The late Jeff Cooper was one of the true pioneers of weaponcraft in the US. His numerous accomplishments include founder of Gunsite Ranch, editor at large of Guns & Ammo magazine, winner of the Outstanding American Handgunner award in 1995, Rangemaster Emeritus of the US Practical Shooting Assn. and long-time member of the board of directors of the National Rifle Assn.

Education and Reference

Missouri Weapons and Self-Defense Law


MO Weapons and Self Defense Law

by Kevin Jamison, Attorney at Law - softcover, 23.95 plus $5.00 postage

Kevin has been teaching, writing about, and practicing this area of law since 1983. He helped to write Missouri's concealed carry licensing law. He also served in the military. His Special Forces training gives him a unique perspective on use of force most lawyers do not have.

"A great deal of attention is paid to the dynamics of self defense. One cannot understand the law of self-defense without a firm grounding in the psychological, physiological, and practical sides of self-defense."


2 DVD Set, Missouri Concealed Carry and Self-Defense LAW


Kevin Jamison on Missouri Concealed carry and weapons Law.
2 DVDs -Run time 2 hours, 50 minutes, $54.95 + $4 S&H

We've got one of the best lawyers in the state of Missouri for Weapons and Use of Force Law on DVD giving an update on Missouri weapons and carry law. This is an important update if you took the class before the Castle Doctrine became law!
2 hours, 50 minutes

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